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Who we are

coinBR is a Brazilian company with international presence and continued expansion. It has its headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with remote offices in Singapore, Cape Town - South Africa and a great framework for mining in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. coinBR is a reference in blockchain services in Brazil and Latin America and is operational in the areas of mining, exchange, solutions and incentives related to Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

Founded in 2013, the company has products that include the purchase and sale of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, mining, the innovative SmartWallet, POS service SmartPay, and Bitcoin's first ATM in Latin America.

Purchase and sale of bitcoin, financial services, mining, consulting

What we do

  • Purchase and Sale of Crypto-currencies
  • Financial Services
  • Mining
  • Consulting
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Serviços do mineração do Bitcoin, Ethereum e DASH

Mine with coinBR

Mining is the essence of bitcoin, the basic working mechanism of any digital currency based on blockchain. The process comes from the decentralized processing of transactions, operated by several miners around the world. Miners invest an increasing amount of capital to acquire and maintain equipment that performs bitcoin network processing.

Visit our sister company, coinPY, for all mining related services.

Mining with coinPY